Napa Harvest Season: The best time to visit Napa Valley by bicycle - Blog - Macs Adventure

"The farm-to-table movement is stronger in California than nearly anywhere else I’ve traveled... For me, bike touring is almost equal parts about the biking and the re-fueling" - Read Hannah's blog for some inspiration to get on your bike this harvest season! 🚴‍♂️🍇

Tour du Mont Blanc July Webinar

This webinar is for customers who are heading out on the Tour du Mont Blanc in the next couple of months and want to know what the conditions are like.

Thanks for watching todays webinar and if you have any questions about the trip, don't hesitate to get in touch, or you can download our free guide to the TMB at -

Minna has been out in Chamonix for the start of the Tour du Mont Blanc season. She'll be broadcasting here on Facebook Live 🎥 today at 2pm (UK Time) to discuss the current conditions after the remarkably snowy start to the season, and what it means for walkers departing soon. Please listen in, and feel free to ask any questions!

🇺🇸️Happy 4th July 🇺🇸️ to all our US friends all over the world. Opening our US office in Boulder CO. has been an amazing journey and we are so happy to have such a dedicated, hard-working, fun-loving team over in the States. Have a great day all!

Adventure of the Week: Island Hopping - Naxos and Santorini - Blog - Macs Adventure

This week's Adventure of the Week whisks you off to two of the most delightful little islands in all of the world, Naxos and Santorini. Explore a side to these glorious islands that can only be discovered on foot. Anyone fancy it?

Walking the Nakasendo Trail in Japan

Walking in Japan is such a unique, immersive experience and this video shows exactly why. Enjoy!

We are here to explore, to enjoy, to get lost and to find our way back. Adventures are the best way to learn. Who agrees?🌾

Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian friends! We hope you have a fantastic holiday celebrating your beautiful country's National Day! :)

14 tips for walking in The Sun - Blog - Macs Adventure

Are you walking or cycling in the UK this week?🌡️☀️

Make sure you stay hydrated and your skin is protected during this heatwave! Read more tips for walking in the sun on our blog👇. What are your top tips? Happy summer!

Adventure of the Week: Walking and Wellness in the Black Forest - Blog - Macs Adventure

🌳 The Black Forest: a place to get away from it all, to explore the wide open spaces and flora-packed gorges while experiencing some time to yourself, time to relax and be spoiled. What's not to like? Read more about it in today's Adventure of the Week! 👇

Always have a positive outlook in life ✨
Happy Monday, we hope you have a fantastic week!

This fantastic #MacsMoment sums up our #FridayFeeling! 🙌🏻 Thank you @shorty_on_tour for sharing this moment of your Irish adventure through Instagram!🌿.
Click here for more information about all the Irish adventures we offer
⬇️ ⬇️

Adventure of the Week: Walking in Connemara - Blog - Macs Adventure

✨This brand new trip that our Tour Development Manager Sally has created, encapsulates all the things you see when you close your eyes and think what it would be like to be in Ireland 💭. Read more about it in today's Adventure of the Week, are you up for it? 👇

Camino de Santiago Routes - Which One Should I Take?

#TravelTuesday 👣 There are many routes to Santiago in addition to the most famous "French Way" or "Camino Frances". They all have their unique qualities and different landscapes...After watching this video, which one(s) do you think you would like to take? 🤔

Macs Adventure

Do you need some inspiration for your next adventure? Check our Videos page and find out more about our trips!
Where are you going next? 🤔🌍

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🚲We've got that #FridayFeeling...⛰,️and who wouldn't after seeing these stunning pictures of Shan, one of our Destination & Adventure specialists from our US office! Shan cycled through the heart of the Canadian Rockies, from Banff to Jasper, on the Bow Valley and Icefields Parkways, a cyclist's dream, right?😄 Find more information about this tour on our website 👇

Adventure of the Week: Classic Cornwall Cycling - Blog - Macs Adventure

"Then you are on to the North Coast, where Surfing rules the waves. After a day cycling through tiny villages with thatched roofed houses, peppered with reminders of the silver mining industry that flourished in the area, you reach the thumping north coast, where waves pound the shore and surfers take to the water to conquer them. With the surf comes a laid-back vibe to Newquay and a town filled with great little places to eat and drink."

Here comes this week's Adventure of the Week - Classic Cornish Cycling.

Photos from Macs Adventure's post

Can you see something missing?🤔 Maybe a few letters don't seem like a big deal, but for people who need A, B and O blood types, these letters mean life 🔴. At Macs, we're proud to support Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service. Are you the #MissingType? Help others by giving blood and saving lives.

Happy Monday, happy bike week! And remember...when in doubt, pedal it out! 👇🚲

Nepal Stories: the Faces Among the Mountains - Blog - Macs Adventure

"Instead of reading what the guidebooks warn you about, try taking in what they don’t talk about. Like the true generosity, the incredible smiles, the kindness and sounds of laughter of the people of Nepal. Put the guidebooks away and start to talk to other people..." Find out more about Janey's Nepali experience in today's blog post. Have you been to Nepal? 🌿👇

Adventure of the Week: Annapurna Foothills: Trekking in Style - Blog - Macs Adventure

" (...) Internationally recognised as one of the greatest regions to walk in the world, the scenery is unforgettable. To be surrounded by these towering peaks that make the hugely impressive Alps look like children is genuinely awe-inspiring." Read more about walking in the Annapurna Foothills in Nepal in today's Adventure of the Week ⛰️👇

How Difficult is the First Day on the Camino?

👣The Camino de Santiago is the most popular Camino route and the pilgrimage commonly referred to as "the Camino". In this video, we show you a 3D version of the first day walking the Camino. Walking over the Pyrenees from France into can be tough for the first day, but well worth it!
Are you up for it? Buen Camino! 👣
More information about the Camino here ➡️

👍There are no limits to what you can accomplish, just set your goals and go for it! Happy Monday! ☀️

🚲 Happy World Bicycle Day! 🚲

Today 3rd of June is World Bicycle Day, a day that aims to encourage more people to get on their bikes to discover the many benefits of cycling...It's no secret that we're big fans of cycling! In this blog post, you can find more information about the benefits of cycling:

These are some lovely #MacsMoment photos, thank you for sharing your best moments with us! 👇

👏We're thrilled to announce that this month's #MacsMoment winner is James Duncan, who completed part of the Camino Inglés! 👏James said: "Thank you Macs Adventure in helping me achieve my ambition walking the Camino, two years after having a stroke". So powerful and inspirational, congratulations James :)! Your prize is on its way to you! We would also like to say THANK YOU everyone who shared their #MacsMoment with us, we've received almost 250 entries for May and we loved every single picture and we can't wait to see more!

Tour du Mont Blanc Webinar

Welcome to our Tour du Mont Blanc Webinar. Sarah and Minna are going to be covering all the information you will need about the TMB.

If you have any questions that we don't cover in the presentation, type them any time and we will answer them in the Q&A at the end.

Thank you for joining our West Highland Way webinar, we hope it was helpful :).
Just a reminder that the Tour du Mont Blanc live video will start in 20 minutes, at 3:30pm GMT. See you there :)

West Highland Way Webinar

Welcome to our West Highland Way Webinar. Caroline and Taylor will be guiding you through all the information you need to know about the route.

Type questions at any time and we will answer them at the end of the presentation.

Adventure of the Week: The Thames Path - Blog - Macs Adventure

Do you want to experience a vivid slice of England? You then need to take a walk along the Thames Path. Read this week's Adventure of the Week to find out more! 👇


📌 Are you walking the West Highland Way soon (or planning to?). Tomorrow 31st May at 2:00pm GMT, Caroline & Taylor will be running a live presentation giving useful pre-departure information, personal advice and hint and tips. There will also be a live Q&A session.

📌Are you planning walking the Tour du Mont Blanc early in the 2018 season? Sarah & Rachel will be running a live informative presentation plus a live Q&A session on our Facebook page tomorrow Thursday 31st May at 3:30pm GMT.

If you can't join us live, don't worry! The recording will stay on our Facebook page! 👍

Happy Monday, we hope you have a great week! 👍☀️

🌿May is coming to an end (where did time go?!) and these are some of the 150+ moments you've shared with us for this month's #MacsMoment contest! Thank you very much!🚲👣We are loving all your pictures, and can't wait to see more! If you've been travelling with us this month, remember you still have time to share your best adventure moments with us. You can share them through social media using the hashtag #MacsMoment or alternatively, you can send them to 👍. We will announce the winner of a lovely new bit of outdoor kit on Friday 1st June 🏆. Good luck!

Photos from Macs Adventure's post

Team member Berta is out and about walking one of our trips 🌿Do you know where she is? Not a bad office for the week 😊🤔

Adventure of the Week: The Slow Road to Angkor Wat - Blog - Macs Adventure

✨🚲 New cycling tour! ✨

Our Tour Development Team has been busy creating a new range of cycling tours in South East Asia, so you can experience the very best of this part of the world on two wheels! The Slow Road to Angkor Wat will take you from Thailand to Cambodia. Read more about it in today's Adventure of the Week 👇. Are you up for it?

Happy Monday, have a wonderful week 🌏!
Who agrees? 👇

Hannah's 3 Need-To-Know Tips For A Canadian Rockies Adventure - Blog - Macs Adventure

🌿Hannah, one of our Tour Development Managers in our Colorado office, has recently created some superb itineraries in the Canadian Rockies. We asked her to share her insider tips to make the most of a trip to Canada’s Rocky Mountains, and that's what she told us 👇

Erin's Whisky Tasting Notes - Blog - Macs Adventure

🥃 Happy World Whisky Day! 🥃
"(...) Here are just a few of the wee drams that I would recommend sampling if you are visiting Scotland – try them out and if they’re not your thing then...just keep dramming! Responsibly, of course!" Read on to find out Erin's whisky recommendations if you're visiting Scotland. Have you tried any? What's your favourite?👇

Adventure of the Week - Speyside Whisky Trail - Blog - Macs Adventure

Would you like to discover the whisky, water, and land of Scotland? Then look no further. The Speyside Whisky Trail is the perfect trip for you 👇. Taste the complex flavours of the Speyside whiskies as you walk through the stunning changing landscapes. Read more about this trip in today's Adventure of the Week.👣

10 benefits of spending time outdoors - Blog - Macs Adventure

🌿Did you know that spending more time outdoors can boost your physical and mental well-being? Find out more about the benefits of spending time in the great outdoors 👇

🌿Who would you invite on an adventure? 👣Happy Monday!

E-biking - Allowing everyone to experience cycling joy - Blog - Macs Adventure

Cycling in Lake Constance: “with dedicated and mainly flat cycle paths stretching all around the lake, there is no wonder why this region is so incredibly popular amongst all types of cyclists – road bikers, leisure cyclists, families and…E-bikers”. Read more about E-biking in Lake Constance in today’s blog post 🚲👇🏻.

Adventure of the Week - Moselle Cycle Path - Blog - Macs Adventure

🚲 If you are looking for an easy and relaxed cycling holiday, the Moselle Cycle Path is the perfect one for you! 👍 An incredible adventure along the Moselle River (Germany) filled with fabulous food, wine, castles and gorgeous medieval half-timbered villages. Are you up for it? Read more about it in today's Adventure of the Week!

One of the secrets to a fulfilling life is to do more of what makes you happy. What makes you happy? 🌿Have a wonderful week!

The West Highland Way Escape - the perfect walking trip for beginners - Blog - Macs Adventure

"(...) I can tell you, from first-hand experience, the West Highland Escape is a good starting trip for beginners. It is not easy, but it can be done with a basic fitness level". Read Rebeka's experience walking the West Highland Escape 👇.

Macs Adventure

👣Walking the West Highland Way will be burned into your memory for all time...stunning scenery, lovely accommodations, amazing food and the friendliest people🌿. May and June are the busiest months (rumour has it there are less midges and chance of better weather🙄). May is practically fully booked, but we still have some dates available in June (check the link below for the specific dates available👇). The booking can be confirmed very quickly➡️ you can book these dates online or you can contact us for any advice or information. Are you up for it?

🏆Congratulations, Lesley Matheson! We are delighted to announce that your West Highland Way #MacsMoment photo has been selected as this month's winner 🎉. We hope you enjoy your new Patagonia backpack! 🏆And as always, THANK YOU very much everyone for participating and sharing your moments and adventures with us. We've received lots of fantastic photos and can't wait to see more👍🌿

Adventure of the Week: Walking in Las Alpujarras - Blog - Macs Adventure

"If you want to get away from everything and connect with nature, that’s the trip for you👇 . I was lucky enough to experience it last year, it was the perfect adventure for a digital detox. The people, the food, the weather, the views, the stunning landscapes and the picturesque rural white-washed villages were all we needed to have an incredible and unforgettable trip (...)" Must be Adventure of the Week time! Have you been to Las Alpujarras?

These are some of the 75+ #MacsMoment entries we've received so far for April! Thank you very much for sharing your adventures with us! 🌏
Remember you can keep sharing your moments on social media using the hashtag #MacsMoment, or you can send your pictures to We will announce the winner of a lovely Patagonia Arbor Backpack tomorrow (Wednesday) 🏆!

Happy adventures👍

✨Last day to enter the April #MacsMoment contest, the winner will be announced on Wednesday 2nd May ✨
Have you been on a trip with us this April? Share your experience through social media using the hashtag #MacsMoment or you can email entries to - Good Luck! 👇

We couldn't agree more👇. Let's stop worrying about the future, forget about the past and let's start living and enjoying every moment. Have a wonderful week!☀️